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Product Description
WOODKARE DIY “GELLED” STAIN is premium solvent based wood stain in gel form using wiping method to apply on all interior wood products. It is use as a colored foundation and it will enriches the natural grain and accentuates the beauty of a wide range of wood.

Benefits /Features
-Easy to apply, fast drying
-Compatible with all type of solvent/water based lacquers (PU, NC, AC, ACRYLIC )
-No stirring required
-Never peel and blister 2 times more coverage than liquid stain
-Does not raise the wood grain
-Leave no wiping or lap marks

Recommended Uses
Ideal for timber door and frame, furniture, hard board, moulding, veneer, wall paneling and etc.

Appearance : Colored gel or neutral Matte

280 – 320 sq. ft. /quart per coat

Tools/Clean up
Lint free cloth or sponge
Clean up with turpentine


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DIY "Gelled" Stain

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